The Power of Knowing Your Core Values

May 10, 2018





Our personal values guide our decisions and behaviour in our lives. They are like an internal roadmap we rely on to help us make the different choices we face all the time. Often, we are unaware of them and so we may be operating from an unconscious place.


Becoming aware of our core values helps us understand what our passions are, why we like certain things, how to navigate situations and who to spend time with. We are inspired and excited about our lives when we are working from a place of alignment.



We develop these values throughout our lives and are influenced by things like our families, friends, community, society, media, and religion, to name a few. When we are younger we take on the beliefs of those around us, like our parents and teachers. As we mature we are often able to separate those values that matter to us more deeply and discard those that don’t feel authentic to us.




But because values are mostly unconscious we must become aware of what matters to, what we stand for and what we believe in. It is a powerful exercise to discover what our core values are. Knowing these allows us to live in alignment with what brings us joy and fulfilment. Once you have this awareness you can make decisions with a new ease and lightness. What matters to you becomes obvious!



Complimentary Values Alignment Assessment


Are you interested in finding out what you value most in your life and if it is in sync with your daily choices?

I am offering an in-person coaching session, at my office, which explores what personal values you hold, identifying your 5 most important ones. You will leave with a clear sense of what your core values mean to you, how you have aligned them with your choices in the many areas of your life, and some next steps to take to create even more alignment.

This is a 1-hour session available to you for the month of May, valued at $150.

Please book your session HERE



Karla Smith is our Toronto~West Branch Director, a Certified Personal Life Skills Coach who supports people struggling with transitional phases and crises they are facing in their lives, and a health and beauty entrepreneur with Arbonne.

Together with her clients, she helps uncover personal blocks, teaches new tools and skills that create positive shifts, and sets and implements goals to transform clients toward empowering and joyful living.

Interested in finding out if coaching is a good fit for you? Karla offers a one time complimentary coaching session to help you see what is possible and leave feeling like you are on your way to a solution!





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