Trailblazer Spotlight - Randi Goodman

May 23, 2018

Getting to Know Our Newest North York, ON Trailblazer!!



Everything I do is in support of entrepreneurs and their personal and professional growth.  Through many platforms, we support those wishing to generate more leads for their business, change their mindsets and who they surround themselves with, elevate them as business people and grow their bottom line.  Our platforms include the Toronto Women's Expo trade show and conference, the Business Wealth Summit, the Empowering Women to Succeed Conference as well as the Empowering Women to Succeed Book Launch, MonetizeMe Action Plan (a 2 day course to implement action steps), Action Think Tanks (smaller conferences and workshops) and our many book series including; Empowering Women to Succeed and 365 Empowering Stories, to help those wishing to become published authors.


When I separated, about 10 years ago, I had no idea what I wanted to do other than my love for business and for events.  I took the plunge and started going to every networking event I could find and fell into doing business to business events, which I absolutely love!  I ventured to begin them with a friend here and there but continued on, with their support, on my own.  Many years later I came in contact with my current business partner for the events and we have implemented many arms to the business, as noted above.  Now we have a worldwide reach!










I truly wish to help others, it gives me mental income to know people's live are being changed for the better. 

Because this comes from my heart and I remain true to myself, I am able to set myself apart from others, they feel the authenticity in that.  I share information freely, maybe too freely, and that is greatly appreciated.  Not everything is about money and I love what I do so it shows.


To be a successful entrepreneur you need to have focus, the drive to achieve your goal and the right people around you to help you succeed.  No successful person does it alone.  You need to be clear on your WHY!  If that is not clear to you then you may just be in your own way of success and not be able to live the dream you are aiming to achieve.  Spend time on the things you are good/strong at and surround yourself with people who can take on those pieces that you are not that strong with.


In 2012 I produced my larges event ever.  It was in a building that was 32,000 sq. ft., in a location that I thought would be fantastic, had 105 exhibitors, an incredible DJ, sound system and stage and over 100,000 in media marketing (paid and in kind).  We had a major newspaper on board, a major fitness company and 3 radio stations.  It was fabulous.  I even had a great marketing team working with me to make it all happen!  Only 350 people showed up over this 2 day event.  That was the failure.  How did this happen?  Why?  I put my head in the sand for the next 8 months until I woke up and decided I needed personal growth!  So I dove into that and never looked back!





 The culture of our community is mostly entrepreneurs that are wanting to build relationships and not just pitch their product.  People that want to help people!  They are interested and understand that in order to set yourself apart from the others in your niche, you need to build those relationships, you need to use your story, or find the story from within,

that resonates with people, that helps them to connect with you on a deeper level, so they will want to buy from you,

refer you and possibly joint venture with you.



My personality is to be me regardless of the success I have.  I surround myself by wonderful people and don't spend time on toxic ones.  I have no room for that in my personal or professional life.  We all need people around us to lift us up, support us and help us go forward with our dreams and goals.




Randi Goodman is a 6 time #1 International Best-Selling Author, and International Speaker. As a 4th level CMA, Randi started out her career managing a manufacturing company, giving her hands-on experience and strong sense of business. She spent years running numerous events and charity Gala’s, exposing her passion for event production. This lead her to merge her two passions, creating Business to Business events and the Toronto Women’s Expo.  Randi co-created the #1 best-selling book series, Empowering Women to Succeed. The EWTS brand has become an international success, helping aspiring writers share their stories and prompting them to take their business goals to the next level. Randi now teaches others how to write, publish and market their books through live and online courses, serving over 58,000 students in over 170 countries.  In her personal life, she is a proud mom of four boys and a Second Degree Black Belt. Randi Goodman, an uplifting leader and strong business woman, ready guide you.


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