Get Your Hands Dirty - Make Dinner Interactive!

November 12, 2018



One way to alleviate stress from you in making dinner is to get everyone involved! 

Create build your meals like: Tacos, Mezze platters, Nourish bowls and Thai Salad Rolls! 


Get everyone involved with the cutting and prepping. Create a  fun bar or board of choices!

Fill up cups or little bowls of all the fillings; veggies, sauces and even a couple of protein choices!




Now everyone can have a say and build their plate to their own tastes!! 

Have fun in the kitchen again!! 


Looking for different ways to change up your meals? 

Contact me today for your 1st meal planning consultation on me!! 

Check out our recipe finder!


Kandice-Lee Doucette is our Etobicoke Branch Director and an Independent Epicure Consultant.

Her vision is helping people discover that eating clean and healthy can be truly easy and tasty with an array of delicious whole foods without fillers, artificial flavours, MSG while saving you money, time and producing less waste!


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