A Mexican Dream

February 13, 2019


“Jump in Katy!  You can swim in all the pools!  Let’s go to every single one along the beach!”  She excitedly shouted to me as I pulled at my little sundress to get down to my cute little bikini and in I jumped, swimming like I was a baby dolphin.  I was eight years old.


I’ll never forget my mum taking me to the most glorious pools at all the various hotels in Puerto Vallarta.  Those days, you could swim in any pool at any hotel.  Well, that’s what we did anyway.


Puerto Vallarta was my first Mexican trip. Nearly 40 years ago.  These memories have been flooding my heart and head lately.  My most favorite memory was my mum ordering me breakfast the morning we arrived…to my amazement, she was speaking Spanish!  I was in awe, she was so clever.  She loved Mexico, and Mexico loved her. 


And there is was born, my Mexican dream.  My blueprint.


I started dating my now husband when we were just kids. I always shared with him the wonderful places my parents had taken us kids during our childhood.  My mum understood the importance of travel.  She loved to experience new cultures, new food, and new cities.


Rob and I eventually travelled to Mexico for our honeymoon and while there, sipping on tequila, we dreamt of owning a place there one day.  It was always inside of me, the dream was starting to rumble again.


Dreaming is so wonderful, and I love to encourage people to continue to chase their dreams, and know that all great things take time. Keep on keeping on, keep on dreaming!


My company recently ran a ‘Create your Life’s Blueprint’ 3 part series.  This has been one of my favorite programs that we offer because it encourages us to go back.  To go back to when we had amazing big bold dreams, we had the world by the tail!


I want to share this with you.  Dreams do become a reality.  Dreams deserve to be celebrated.  


After 25 years of marriage and dreaming…Rob and I purchased our dream home in Mexico.  Sometimes, it’s too good to believe.  Pinch me Rob! (with pleasure Katy)


Life can get busy, it can get us running on a hamster wheel and we can get lost.  Sometimes the white noise lulls us into complacency.


Keep on keeping on, keep on dreaming!


Dreaming requires us to be bold.  It requires imagination.  It requires us to think big and get a wee bit uncomfortable.   Trust me, it’s so worth it.


When Rob and I arrive to our home in Mexico, it’s a feeling I can’t really describe.  Tickled pink, proud, giddy, excited, free, and more tickled.  For us, it’s not just about getting away from the everyday and embracing new cultures, new people, enjoying the margaritas and fish tacos…it’s about blessing others with an experience.  This brings us the most joy.


Dreams are only magical when shared with those you love.


So, what bits of gold can I pass along that was instilled in me by my brilliant mother at age 8?


  1. Dream big.  Write it down.  Share with someone you trust.

  2. All great things take time, don’t give up, stay the course!

  3. Celebrate all the wins, even the little ones because they will propel you to carry on and get your mindset strong (you need to nourish a Can Do attitude!).

  4. Be audacious with your dreaming. 

  5. Cultivate dreaming in young people.  


I’m Katy and I’m a dreamer.  Join me?



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