Spring is Here! Get Rid of those Toxins!




I love this time of year! I tend to hibernate a lot during the cold winter months and so when spring hits, I automatically feel uplifted. The sun magically appears, color returns and as I walked to the cafe I am currently sitting in, I was mesmorized by the beauty of the flowers that I see planted - gorgeous reds, sunshine yellow and ahhh! This is also a season to detox - this is the time of year that we tend to cleanse and declutter.


In my own journey to live a more natural, healthy lifestyle, I have become addicted to living a toxin free life. A few years ago, when I was at my lowest, I was introduced to the healing power of Ameo essential oils (thanks Universe!). I used to take sleeping pills and OTC drugs to manage my ailments and toxic cleaners to clean my home.  Now I have integrated these ameo-zing clinical grade oils into my everyday and I am NEVER going back. 


What are essential oils?



They are naturally-produced liquids obtained from the roots, flowers, fruit, bark, stems and other elements of a botanical. And they are highly concentrated and effective - you don't need a lot! Just a drop here and there depending on what you are doing with the oil.



What makes Ameo essential oils different? 2 reasons:



1) They are clinical grade


This means that they are the same or better quality as those oils used in clinical/peer-reviewed scientific studies. It just doesn't get any better than that. 


2) They are cell permeable and active


This means that the oils are easily and consistently absorbed by the body’s cells - that is what you want for them to be effective!


It's a no brainer. 


One of the biggest changes I have made is to rid my cupboards of those toxic cleaners. I still wear rubber gloves when I clean but I don't worry if I get cleaning solution on my hands because I am using what nature offers to rid my home of impurities.  Have you ever looked at the back of your toxic cleaners? Read the ingredients - yuck!


Integrating essential oils into your daily homecare habits is simple. I have provided a few easy cleaning recipes below - try these out and let me know what you think!



Ameo Glass & Window Cleaner

In a 16oz. Glass Bottle combine: 8 drops Améo Orange, 8 drops Améo Bergamot, 8 drops Améo Lemon, 8 drops Améo Grapefruit, ¼ cup vinegar,1 ½ Cups water.  Spray on surface and just wipe!



Ameo Microwave Oven Cleaner

To a microwave safe container add 1 cup of water  and 3-5 drops of Ameo Lemon essential oil.  Put this inside your microwave and turn it on for 3 minutes at max power. After that, just wipe your microwave and voila!



This is one of the ways I have embraced the Natural Health Revolution.  Enjoy!







Nisha is living life unlimited as an avid oiler (essential oils that is) & natural health educator with Zija International!  She is an MBA & CMA with 18 years of corporate experience.  After experiencing long periods of stress, adrenal fatigue & insomnia Nisha ultimately found herself in burnout.  It was only when she was introduced to the healing benefits of Ameo essential oils & Moringa Oleifera, that she became a passionate advocate of the natural health revolution.  Nisha is a long distance runner, yogi, hiker & enjoys living an active lifestyle.  Her mission is to empower women to live their life unlimited & proactively manage their own health.


To learn more about Nisha visit her website or Facebook page or connect with her via email!











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