Waking Up to a Whole New Person

May 23, 2018

One day you wake up and realize you're a whole new person. Has that ever happened to you? 


After many intense months and years of personal growth, everyday I feel like a new person. I have been reflecting on my "old life" versus my new life for the past few months. I would never have thought it possible to feel like a completely different person, if you asked me 5 years ago where I would be today. 


I should go back to the beginning. Six years ago and for many years before, I was stuck in the life everyone expected of me, the one I had been taught to expect for and of myself. Trying to live that life, without authenticity, my body literally made itself sick. I was going against every fibre in my body, deaf to it screaming "NO" at me every single day, until I crashed, HARD. Once I had recovered enough to continue, I tried to live up to the expectations everyday, being set back little by little. Constantly trying to rebound as only I knew how, go and keep going until you can't go any longer. Hello second hard crash. Then depression and a "wake up". 


It was sometime in the summer of 2014 when I literally "woke up" and started my life of personal growth. I studied English in University as one of my degrees. In high school, I distinctly remember reading the books of the curriculum, Canadian literature written by the Margarets. Atwood and Laurence, brilliant women but I read the books because they were on the syllabus, I would never have picked them up otherwise, at least not at that time of my life. I read them to read them, not to really read them, to have them scurry me away to another place, to create a fantasy world for me, as most novels do. This is how my personal growth journey started as well, people telling me to read this book or that one, which I did. Cover to cover reading, next, and next and next. The problem was, like in high school, I read to read not to ingest, feel, ruminate or to think about anything much at all. If you asked me what I read, I would likely have very little to recall of the very book I had just finished. 


All of that changed in 2014 when I woke up one day in depression and decided I wasn't going to be that person anymore. I began reading everything I could get my hands on, in the personal growth genre. But this time, I was reading to really read, ingest and internalize the words. To change. To grow. How did this relate to me? What was the message I needed to hear? And slowly, bit by bit, I started changing.


I started to dream, extremely vivid dreams with messages that could not be avoided. I started meeting incredible people who had messages for me, seemingly walking into my life at the exact moment I needed to hear their wisdom. At the time, for someone who had been taught and expected to look at the world a certain way, the shifts were profound and frequent. I always joke, if someone like Me, today, had spoken as I do now, to the Me of 5 years ago, I would have run as far and as fast the other way. 


Today I regularly read people (with their permission, of course) intuitively and provide answers to questions they have. I often utilize Tarot cards as a guide for these readings but have been doing more readings just using my intuition. I am attuned to energy and am an empath so large crowds are still an issue for me. I rode the TTC a couple of weeks ago at rush hour (which I haven't done for many years) and had to have my spiritual mentor release the energy that had grabbed onto my light during that brief train trip. I crashed hard, the energy I had absorbed from others, completely draining and "wobbling" me the next day. 


I'm still learning a lot everyday but I also know I can positively impact people who are open to this new way of seeing life. I never thought I would even entertain a life like the one that has chosen me. Even 5 years ago, I would have been the biggest naysayer in the room for all things spirit and energy. But I wasn't open to any of this, I was living a very closed and learned life, one without dreams, without hopes, without light. 


I am meant for something great in this life and I can only imagine what that might be. Well, maybe more than imagine, because my guides have shown me glimpses of my capabilities which still astound me. Never would I have guessed I would be able to help guide people according to spiritual messages, showing them their capabilities and helping them grow into the life and person they are meant to be. I know, it sounds completely CRAZY to those of you who are like I was 5 years ago. I urge you, find your inner light, your life spark, your message, your purpose, your inner self and grab hold because what you will find will fuel every ounce of yourself beyond your wildest dreams. And if you need someone to help with that, I'm always up for a conversation!  


In Love, Happiness and Light,

Alison XO




Alison Stuckey founded Live Love and Joy in 2015 when she realized the world needed more happy, positive mindset and energy. She conducts mindset and energy workshops for women and teens, tying mindset to energy, spirit and emotion. She also offers mindset, energy and spiritual mentoring to private clients. 


Alison is the Branch Director in Happy Healthy Women's Uptown Toronto Branch.







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